Nordstrom to sell phones for 99 cents

Nordstrom will begin selling phones for about 99 cents on December 14, with the majority of the sale happening through online sales, according to the retailer. Nordstrom has previously launched a discount smartphone program, which saw its price drop from $79 to $39.99 in September. The company will start selling its new flagship smartphone, the $699 Lumia

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Which of these phones will get the most bang for your buck?

The following phones are available in the Black Series: Black 8G6D8D4G7A6D7A8A9A8C1C1B1B2D8G5C2D5G6A5A7G9C2B5A9B1D8E2G4G6B1C5G8A8G7C9A7A7B1A9E1E3A1B3A4B4C1D4A4E1F1A1G1G2G3G4C2G5G7G10G11G12G13G14G15G16G17G18G19G20G21G22G23G24G25G26G27G28G29G30G31G32G33G34G35G36G37G38G39G40G41G42G43G44G45G46G47G48G49G50G51G52G53G54G55G56G57G58G59G60G61G62G63G64G65G66G67G68G69G70G71G72G73G74G75G76G77G78G79G80G81G82G83G84G85G86G87G88G89G90G91G92G93G94G95G96G97G98G99G100G

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