How much do you spend on hedgehogs?


Aussie hedgehog hunters may be in for a treat this year as a new breed of hedgehog is on the market.

According to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald, hedgehounds are being introduced to the Australian market, with one of the biggest selling points being their ability to survive in the cold and snow.

Hedgehogs are not a household name, but they are a popular pet in the city and they are being sold in the local pet market for up to $1,000 a head.

One popular breed of Australian hedgehound has been introduced to Australian pet buyers, The Sydney Mail reports.

The new breed is named for the Victorian city of Sydney, where the hedgehounded is one of its most popular pets.

The Sydney Herald reports that the breed of the Australian hedgehog has been bred by a farmer in the small town of Warkworth in eastern Victoria.

The hedgehog can weigh up to 20 kilograms and live up to 10 years.

But if it has an aggressive temperament, it may be better off being a mixed breed.

“The hedgehundies in our city are very affectionate and protective, and a good companion for any dog or cat,” Warkwick Mayor Steve Kipp told the Herald.

While some people may consider the hedgehog to be a nuisance, Kipp says that the animals have a natural instinct to protect and love.

He also noted that the hedgehy is able to adapt to its surroundings.

“They’re not the quickest animals, but if you feed them and feed them right they will grow,” he said.

It is a trend that may not be happening in Australia, with the average hedgehog lifespan at less than three years.

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