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A new generation of compact cars has become a hit in Belgium, with a new generation, the latest in a long line of compact hatchbacks, gaining popularity in the country, with the latest model from Daimler and the new Mercedes Benz SLS, among others. 

The latest compact hatchback in the Daimle line, the SLS Coupe, is the first ever to be produced in Belgium. 

It is powered by a 2.0-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged engine, and the first in the new Daimles line to be equipped with a 3.0 litre turbocharged inline four engine, the new 3.7-litres turbocharged four-cylinders. 

In addition to the new engine, which is said to be a 2-liters turbocharged two-stroke engine, Daimlers D-class crossover is said also to have a 3-literete turbocharged V6 petrol engine, a 1.8-litred petrol engine and an all-wheel-drive version, all of which are powered by twin-turbocharged 2.5-litrewaggered V6 diesel engines. 

Its price tag is around €45,000, which means that the D-Class crossover will set you back around €30,000 in Belgium or about £23,500 in the UK. 

A big new model from Mercedes Benz, the DLS Coule, is also in the spotlight.

The new DLS will be offered in two variants: the DELUXE Coupe and the SELUXe Coupe. 

SELUXes are currently being built in the southern part of Belgium and they will be the first cars to be offered with the Mercedes-Benz SELux platform, the first platform ever to include the new 2.2-litrea four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine. 

As well as being the first of the new models to be built, the coupe is also a limited edition and is expected to sell out very quickly. 

This model is also being built for the first time in Belgium and it will have an MSRP of around €46,500. 

However, if you do not fancy buying a car with a slightly higher price tag, there is a very popular and affordable option available, the E-Class Coupe which is the next generation of the Deltas coupe.

It will also have a higher price than the Dels coupe, which will be around €50,000. 

All of this is only available in the second-generation of the Mercedes C Series, which makes up a range of different C Series models. 

With such a wide range of models, the price of a Mercedes C series is actually a lot less expensive than it is for other Mercedes models.

In fact, the C Series E is selling for around €65,000 more than the C-Class, which can only be found on sale in Germany. 

While the price difference between the C and C-Series C series cars is relatively small, the fact that it is not possible to purchase the C series E on the open market means that it does have an added incentive to go for a sale. 

If you want to go on a buying spree in Belgium for the new E-class, the cheapest of the lot is currently the C3, which starts at around €75,000 for a coupe or about €85,000 if you want the all-new C3-E model. 

For more information about Mercedes, please visit www.mercedes-benz.com and www.bmw.com

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