How to get a new car from scratch

How do you get a used car from a dealership?For some, the answer is just like buying a new pair of jeans.For others, it’s a bit more complicated.We asked a few experts on the subject to share some tips for getting a used, used car.First, you need to understand what’s covered.There are various car warranties,


How to keep your gun safe online with an expert

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at how to protect your gun and protect yourself online with expert advice and tips.1.Make sure your online profile picture matches your name and location.This is especially important for businesses that need to quickly find out if a customer has a permit to sell a firearm.You can check


How to buy and sell your own mansion

The mansions that are going for over $1 million are a sign of the times.I bought one for $1.5 million in December of 2015.It was an all-white home that I was able to renovate and now sell it for over half a million dollars.The same goes for my other mansion, which I bought in 2014

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How to sell your house for $1 million

For years, the concept of flipping a home for profit was a pipe dream.But in 2017, the number of properties in the U.S. that were being flipped for $500,000 or less was on the rise.“I can’t believe people have gone crazy for flipping houses,” said Richard Stiles, an agent with the marketing firm Auctions By


How to get a discount on a $50 Amazon purchase

Nikes, Nike, and the latest in fashion are getting in on the bargain-hunting action as the retailers try to out-Amazon shoppers.While the $50 discount isn’t a deal breaker for most consumers, many are looking for a better deal on a purchase, and that’s where online retailers like Amazon come in.The retailer offers a variety of

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