‘Totally different’ for the U.S. as Chinese imports hit record levels, analysts warn


FITZEN, Germany—China’s rapid growth in the world’s second-largest economy has helped it reach a level of foreign-exchange purchasing that makes it harder for domestic consumers to afford many items on the domestic market.

That has added a new dimension to a trend that analysts say could be a boon to the United States.

Some economists say the trend could push the U-2 economy to a tipping point, when a rising tide lifts all boats.

The U.K. last month reported a record $11.2 trillion in exports, the biggest such surge since 2001.

Its exports to China were worth about $11 billion.

The Wall St. Journal is not naming its source for the article.

China is the world leader in manufactured goods, including electronics, automobiles and construction equipment.

The country has a manufacturing industry that accounts for more than a third of the world economy and accounts for $14 trillion in total foreign trade.

That growth has been fuelled by a surge in exports to the U: In March, the U.-2 reached a record high of $1.2 billion, nearly double the previous record of $946 million set in the third quarter of 2015.

China, which has more than 7.5 million U.s and exports nearly $3 trillion a year, has become a key export market for the world.

Chinese firms have set up shop in the U and have also begun buying back foreign shares.

The Chinese government has tried to prevent that from happening by tightening rules on buying foreign companies, curbing exports, and curtailing investment in the country.

It has also tried to maintain market share.

The rise of China’s economy has prompted concerns about the impact on the U., which has long been a global economic powerhouse and is widely regarded as a top producer of the cheap-and-easy goods and services it needs to compete globally.

The China trade surplus with the U rose to $8 billion in February, the most since November 2015.

That compares with a surplus of $2.4 billion a year in the year-ago period.

U. S. imports of goods and related services from China rose 4.5 percent in February from a year earlier, while exports rose 8.1 percent.

U-1 imports, including aircraft, cars and machinery, increased 4.7 percent.

That was up from 3.6 percent growth in January.

On Monday, the Commerce Department reported that U.-2 exports to Europe fell 2.4 percent in January from a month earlier.

That followed a 3.5-percent decline in February.

U.-1 imports from Europe rose 1.7 in January to $4.2 million, while U-6 imports rose 1 percent to $3.2-billion.

The Commerce Department expects the U-$2.6-trillion trade surplus to grow this year to $2-trillions.

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