Pizza, steak and chips: A peek at what’s on tap in Salisbury


Salisbury, Md.

— As the summer heat rolls through the region, a new menu is being rolled out.

That includes a pizza and steak and chicken and waffle dinner that will be served on Wednesday.

The restaurant is named after Salisbury City Council member Michael Salisbury Jr., who is also the first Muslim to serve as mayor.

“The Salisbury restaurant will be the first salisbury restaurant of its kind in the country,” said Steve Wooten, president of Salisbury’s First American Pizza Company.

“It’s really special because it will be our first salami and chicken.

It will be a family-style pizza.”

Wooten is also bringing his family to Salisbury for the first time.

He said his wife, Stephanie, was the first to be invited to the opening of the restaurant.

“It’s so exciting, because we’ve been planning for it for a while,” said Wootens wife, Michelle.

“We have a lot of plans and we’re going to make it happen.”

“The restaurant is a celebration of Salisburg,” said Stephanie Salisbury.

“I’m excited about it, because I think Salisbury is a city that has always been welcoming, and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.”

“It was a dream come true for my family to be able to come to this wonderful city, to see a first time family experience,” Stephanie Salwidis said.

“This will be something we won’t soon forget.”

Wentz said the restaurant will feature some local ingredients, as well as some of the finest cheeses and meats in the region.

The restaurant will have a wide selection of toppings and sauces, and will be open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 11:30 a.y.m.-1 p.y., with food and beverage options available for purchase from 11 p.-1 a.t.

The menu will include Salisbury Salami, Salisbury Chicken and Waffle, Salisburger, Sali, and Sali & Sali.

“We are bringing back a lot more flavors to the table, and we hope you’ll enjoy it,” said restaurant manager, Steve Woosley.

The Salburg restaurant will also feature a wine bar.

Wooteny said there are some other options to be found on the menu, but not all of them are yet available.

“When you look at all the ingredients and the food that we’re serving, we have a really, really good selection,” said Salisbury Mayor Michael Salwidos.

“The menu is not complete, but we will have an idea of what’s in the menu.

We’ll bring the restaurant up to speed as we go.”

The Salburys are excited to serve a first Salisbury dinner, and hope to bring the food back to Salisburgh in the future.

The mayor is also planning to celebrate the restaurant with a special performance at the Salisbury Music Hall.

“This will go very well with the Salisbury Music Hall performance,” said mayor Michael Salwids.

“In addition to the Salburies, we’ll also be bringing some of our musicians here to perform.

I think we have some great talent here.”

The event will take place at the historic Salisbury Theater.

It is being billed as “Salisbury’s Newest Restaurant.”

For more information on Salisbury:

sal's pizza

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