Nordstrom to sell phones for 99 cents


Nordstrom will begin selling phones for about 99 cents on December 14, with the majority of the sale happening through online sales, according to the retailer. 

Nordstrom has previously launched a discount smartphone program, which saw its price drop from $79 to $39.99 in September. 

The company will start selling its new flagship smartphone, the $699 Lumia 925, on December 13 and will launch its flagship smartphones for sale on December 15. 

This is the first time Nordstrom has launched its own smartphone discount program. 

“With our new Nokia-branded smartphones, we are making a commitment to make the most of every dollar we make, and we’re excited to offer this great deal,” said Chris Soh, chief operating officer of Nordstrom, in a statement.

“As part of our new Lumia-branded phones, we will be offering a wide range of accessories for the Lumia 935, including a new Nokia Smartphone Case, an iPhone 5 case, and a Nokia SmartPhone case. 

With the new Lumia phones, you’ll also find a wide selection of Nokia accessories, including Nokia Earphones, Nokia Ear Pad, and Nokia Ear Ear Strap.”

Nordskates” store is offering an introductory price of $99.99 for the 925 smartphone, and it will cost $79.99 when the phones go on sale on Friday. 

In addition, a limited number of Nokia phones will be available at select retailers starting on December 19 for a discount of $19.99. 

For more information on the Nokia Lumia 915 and Lumia 917, check out our Nokia Lumia 830 review. 

Earlier in the day, Nokia revealed that it had sold around 5 million Lumia phones in the first half of 2017.

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