When ‘Mamma Mia!’ won the Best Animated Feature Oscar: A peek inside the box office


The Oscar-nominated film “Mammas Mia!” has taken home the Best Picture Oscar, beating out “Selma” by an impressive margin.

But how many moviegoers are excited about this year’s Best Animated Film nomination?

According to Nielsen data, nearly 7 million moviegoers watched “Mama Mia!” on Friday night, but it’s the second-highest showing for the animated movie ever, behind “The Lego Movie.”

According to Variety, this is the first time the movie has ever been nominated for Best Animated Picture.

In fact, this was a year where “Moms” was the clear frontrunner for Best Picture.

“Mams” and “Selms” were both nominated for “Best Animated Feature” earlier in the year.

According to THR, the animated film was nominated for five Academy Awards (including Best Animated Short) between 2007 and 2016.

Here’s a look at the numbers.

The box office numbers for “Mamas” on Friday.

Disney/Pixar’s “MAMMA MOM” was up 9% from the same night last year.

The film’s $50 million production budget is still a little over half of the film’s total budget of $180 million.

“Selm” was down 10% from last year and its $42 million production cost is down slightly over the same period.

“Gravity” had its best weekend ever with a $32.3 million gross.

Its $98 million budget is nearly the same as last year’s “Gods of Egypt,” which was nominated in 2015 for best animated short.

It also opened with $7.4 million in its first weekend.

“The LEGO Movie” had a $17.7 million production Budget, down slightly from last weekend, but still more than double its $8.5 million budget.

“Pixara” had $3.9 million in the theaters, down 17% from its $4.6 million budget in 2016.

“Zootopia” had the best opening day ever for a Pixar film, opening with $2.1 million on Thursday.

It made $3 million on Friday, which is a huge number.

“Dunkirk” opened with a projected $25 million in theaters and has now earned $72.6 mil.

“Titanic” opened at $50.4 mil in theaters, making it the biggest opening ever for an animated film.

“Big Hero 6” opened to $48.6 in theaters on Thursday, which was the highest debut of a Disney/ Pixar animated film ever.

“Moana” opened in $30 million on Wednesday, making the film the highest-grossing animated film to date.

The top 10 movies that made the biggest impact on filmgoing are: “The Dark Knight Rises” ($1.4 billion), “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” ($2.2 billion),”Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2″ ($4.4 bn), “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” ($3.6 bn) and “Frozen” ($6.2 bn).

It’s worth noting that “Guardians” grossed $7 billion worldwide in 2016, and that “Frost/Nixon” and the third “Guardian” film, “The Little Mermaid” gross $3 billion.

“Captain America: Civil War” has grossed an estimated $140.4 mn in its four weeks in theaters.

“Iron Man 3” is still the highest grossing film of 2017 at $1.3 billion, but “Iron Fist” is second with an estimated gross of $1 billion.

It’s also worth noting “Guardia” and Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” have grossed over $100 million at the box offices.

It is worth noting the second “Ironman” movie has grossing over $120 million, and it is the highest earning superhero film of the year at $3,818,000.

In total, “Thor: Ragnarok” is the top-grosser superhero film at $2,715,000, and “Ant-Man” is third at $621,000 at the same time.

It has also grossed nearly $200 million worldwide in the last two weeks, making “Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War” the highest domestic grossing Marvel movie ever.

Here are the top 10 films that made a significant impact on moviegoing: “Fifty Shades Darker” ($5.9 billion), Disney/Lucasfilm’s “Captain Marvel” ($7.1 billion), Warner Bros./DC’s “Wonder Woman” ($8.2 million), Disney’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” ($11.6 mn), Disney Animation’s “Toy Story 4” ($9.3 mn) , Universal Pictures’ “The

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