Why you should be buying a pair of weights for camping, but not a pair for camping bedding


I’m a big fan of camping gear, but it is hard to find a set of weights that fit my needs for camping.

So when I was asked if I would like to review one of my favorite lightweight camping weights for sale on the market, I had to.

I’m not a huge fan of weight and camping gear and I’ve had to get rid of a few of them in the past. 

But this is one of those weight bags that I would love to keep, especially in light of the popularity of the Camping Gear Bundle and the new Ultimate Camping Pack.

I know some people are a little disappointed that this is not the Ultimate Camp Gear Bundle because the weight is so light, but I don’t know why.

This is a great lightweight weight that I am definitely going to keep on my camping gear list for the foreseeable future. 

I have tried this weight bag several times and have been satisfied with the performance and fit.

The straps are made of plastic and it has a good feel when you grab it from the bottom of the bag.

I think it is one more lightweight option for camping that is designed to be worn for longer periods of time.

It also has a nice shoulder strap.

I love that it has an elastic band for extra comfort when using it on the back.

I found the shoulder strap to be very supportive. 

The weight has a large padded pocket in the top of the weight that is good for storing water bottles, toiletries, etc. I can also get a lot of sleep in this bag with no extra weight added.

It has two compartments on the bottom and a large one on the top.

It holds a lot and I love it for that reason.

I have used it to pack and unpack camping supplies and it works well. 

If you are a camping person, this is definitely a weight you should consider. 

Read full review This is a very versatile weight bag, but there is no reason to buy it if you don’t plan to use it for a lot. 

It is a little pricey, but at a reasonable price. 

Pros Very lightweight weight for camping Cons The strap does not stretch as well as I like Recommend This bag is definitely an excellent choice for camping but it does come with a little bit of a price tag. 

What you need to know about this bag: This lightweight bag is made of durable polyester, which is one reason I was not very impressed with the fabric used on the straps.

The zipper on the weight works fine and I found that the straps did not stretch with use, but you will need to make sure you use them right to get the most from your bags. 

Size: 9.5 x 8 x 6 inches Weight: 19.5 oz (2.5kg) Materials: Polyester, nylon, elastic Dimensions: 9 x 8 inches (30 x 20 x 16cm) Price: $139 Where to buy: CampingGearBundle.com What you get with this bag for $139: One heavy weight, one lightweight  This weight bag has a zipper on top for easy access to the weight, and there is a shoulder strap that is great for the comfort when you are sleeping.

It comes with a zipper pocket and two pockets.

The weight has an adjustable waist strap for added comfort when in use. 

Why you should buy this weight: The lightweight weight is the best weight I have ever owned.

The strap is very well made and the zipper is easy to open and close. 

 It has a generous size pocket that is nice and wide for all of your camping supplies. 

How it fits: I found the weight to be a little big on my shoulders.

It does not fit well and I could not get the weight on my arms to extend over my shoulders without discomfort. 

This may be an issue if you are more narrow in height, but the weight does not look to be too large. 

My waist was a little low, but that is probably due to my body size. 

Overall, I would recommend this weight to anyone who is looking for a lightweight, but well-made weight that works well for the amount of gear you are carrying. 

You can check out more reviews from my previous CampingGear Bundle review here: How I found my weight 

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