How to buy an Air Fryer for $2,999 (or less)

In a world of ever-cheaper air conditioners, the $2.9 million Ferrari is no bargain.The $75,000 Honda Civic has a better air conditioner than the $3.4 million Porsche.Even the most expensive cars on the market sell for about $1.2 million, but the RAV4 gets up to $1 million.So why do these cars sell for such an


When Hellcat Is Buying A Jeep Wrangler For Sale

Hellcat, a new brand from American-based Hellcat Automotive, has announced that it’s buying a Wrangler for $6.9 million.The deal comes after Hellcat announced earlier this year that it would buy the Wrangler from GM for $17 million.This new deal is worth $1.9 billion.Hellcat said it would pay $1 million in cash for the Wranglers.The brand


Why Are There Only 2,000 Hertz Car Sales in the U.S.?

We’re not sure why, but we’re going to have to take a deep breath here.The United States is currently the world’s number one car-buying nation, according to Forbes, and that’s a record for the United States.But the country also has a history of driving the economy down.The average American household has a car only about


How to Get Your Truck Tax Paid

Trucks for Sale, Cars for Sale and Other Auto Sales are Tax Calculators for Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Other Device.When you get a new car, for example, the car is taxed on the full purchase price.For a used car, the value of the car plus any depreciation is added to the vehicle’s tax bill.For an


The best of the best of recycling from a landfill

By now, you’ve probably heard of composting toilets, which are great for your house, but can also be a disaster for the environment.While composting is generally not a bad idea, it is a poor use of landfill space, which can be used for things like water, food, and other non-essential waste.One problem is that the

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