Ferrari and McLaren unveil ‘Ferrari X’ to be a hybrid sports car for sale


By Nick PrycePosted at 02:55:37The world’s most famous sports car manufacturer has revealed the ‘Farraris’ concept, the first hybrid sports vehicle ever created.

Ferraris is known for the sporty, stylish and innovative design of the iconic sports car and has been at the forefront of the global automotive industry for decades.

F1, the world’s biggest racing series, was created in 1988 and is the most successful single sporting event in history.

In addition to the F1 championship, the Farraris sports car has won races in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours at Daytona, 24 Hour at Silverstone, Le Mans 24 Hours, Le Grand Prix and the 24 hours of the Tour de France.

It is also known for its world-class engineers, including the founder and chief engineer of Ferrari, Stefano Domenicali.FIA’s new ‘X’ concept was developed for the FIA, with the aim of developing a hybrid-electric sports car that could be sold commercially in the next few years.FSA president Jean Todt said: ‘The concept for the ‘X’, a hybrid sport-tourer, is based on the current concept of the F-Series sports car, the Ferrari 488 GTB, which has a 1.5-litre petrol engine, a hybrid electric motor and electric wheels.’

We are aiming to develop a car that will be able to compete with the world-famous sports cars and other electric cars, so we’re very proud to be working with FIA.’

The ‘X concept is based not only on the Fords concept, but also on the development of the ‘E’ sports car concept by the FIA and on the design of ‘F-Series’ sport cars in general.’

F-series cars have an outstanding safety record and are renowned for being among the most fuel efficient, safest, fastest and most powerful cars on the road.’

They have been a staple in the F2 series, which is the sportscar class of Formula One, since 1992 and their dominance in the sport is continuing.’

Today, with this new generation of F-series, we want to provide the same level of performance and safety of the cars from the first generation and with this design, we aim to achieve that goal.’

The FIA will present its ‘X Concept’ concept to the FIA Executive Committee on February 14 at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The ‘X” will also be displayed in the FIA F1 Grand Prix World Championship at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The ‘F1’ sports cars were developed by Ferrari between 1963 and 1967, and the FTR was a racing car produced in 1966.

F1 has produced over 200 grand prix wins and is regarded as the most prestigious racing series in the world.

F-class sports cars like the F430, F430 GTB and F430GTB, the ‘Dollars’ of the sport, are among the world records and are designed to deliver the highest levels of safety and performance.

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