GameStop to sell thousands of games at discount price


GameStop is making it easier for customers to get the hottest titles for a fraction of the cost, with the retailer slashing prices on the games that they sell.

The store is selling off about 70% of the current stock of games on its site for as low as $9.99.

That’s a drop of about $8.75.

It’s the second time that GameStop has slashed prices in the past week, after the company reduced the prices of a variety of games.

The company’s stock dropped nearly 30% on Thursday.

“With the launch of the new GameStop app, you can now shop for games, games, and more games,” GameStop said in a statement.

“With the new apps, customers can get new games and deals at the same time, saving time and getting more games for less money.”

A recent study by Kotaku found that the average player spends about two hours a day playing games.

That translates to about $3.4 million a year, and it could easily go higher if you factor in other fees like digital DLC and game subscription fees.

GameStop is also looking to get back into the mobile market with the upcoming release of a new app called GameCubes, which it claims will be more than 5 million downloads by the end of the year.

It said it will also offer a “special discounted price” on certain types of mobile devices.

For now, the company is offering a “discounted price” of $6.99 for the entire slate of games for $24.99 (though the discounted price is not available for new titles).

It will also be offering a 30% discount for a single-game purchase for $4.99 or $6 in the future.

The company also said it plans to offer discounts on its games to help offset its lower-than-average profit margin.

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