What to know about the Ferrari 308 GTO, the most expensive Ferrari of all time


The Ferrari 308 is a one-off, and it was not a very good car.

The 308 GTOs predecessor, the 308 GT, is a rare example of a GTO that was never offered in a Grand Touring car.

Instead, the car was built for the GTC class and its only performance use was in the Ferrari 500 series.

It has become a rarity for Ferrari to offer a GT, and the 308 is one of only two that has actually been offered.

This means that only 10 examples of this car have ever been sold, with only 10 of them sold to the highest bidder.

The 308 GT was originally intended to be an RS V6, but the engine was swapped out for a V8 engine.

This was done to give the car the power to get to the maximum of speed.

It is thought that the engine that was in use on the 308 was the first one to use a V6 engine, which made it a good choice for the car.

In the F1 era, the 458 Speciale, which is the only car to win three of the seven F1 championships, had an identical chassis and engine to the 308.

However, the Ferrari had a special engine for the 308, and therefore the car had a V12 engine in its original configuration.

This engine has been known as the “V12 V8” engine for some time now, and has a reputation for being one of the best V12 engines of all-time.

The V12 V10 engine that Ferrari produced for the 458 has become very popular, and was the engine used on the 458.

This V10 is now used on a number of GTO cars, with the 308 in particular being a great example.

It was also a bit of a gamble to build a car like the 308 for the GP1 class, as the GP2 class was very different from the GP class.

The GP1 is a two-wheeled race car, and in addition to a car that uses the same engine, it also uses a completely different chassis design.

The chassis of the 308 and 458 Speciales are similar, with both cars having the same wing, rear diffuser, front wing, and undercarriage.

This means that the car needed a lot of work to get it running at the GP level, which it did.

Ferrari had to rebuild the car from scratch, and then they fitted it with a new rear wing, new front wing and a revised rear end, which was made from aluminum and carbon fibre.

The result is that the 308 has now won three GP titles, and is one the most valuable cars of all times.

Ferrari also has a number 308 GTEs built as special editions, which are just as good as the 308 that was built.

This car is a very rare example, and only 10 are known to exist, making it the only one of its kind.

The one we are looking at is the 308 Turbo, a special edition 308 that is being offered for only $7.3 million.

The Turbo is being sold as a complete build, and features the original F1 engine, as well as a new set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

It also features a unique grille that was not on the original 308 GT.

When the 308 went to GP2, it was still an expensive car, so it made it to the championship by the end of the season.

However it did not make it far enough to make it to a Grand Prix, and lost to Alain Prost in the race that year.

However this did not stop the 308 from being one the very best cars in its class.

After the 308 moved to the F3 class, the team decided to try to build another 308, the same as the one that was sold to Ferrari.

This time, the project was different, and Ferrari took the car to the track for the first time, and fitted it up with new tyres.

While this may seem like a lot to put together, Ferrari also fitted the 308 with a set of new brakes, which had been fitted on the previous 308 GT cars.

The brakes are made of aluminum and are extremely strong, and they were made to last for a very long time.

The team also built a new front suspension with new rear stabilizers, and a new brake caliper.

The brake system is now known as a V2 system, and this means that it has much more power than the brakes used on previous cars.

This is the reason that the brakes were used on this car, as it had much more downforce than the previous car.

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